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    The history of Bechereau chateau...

    The Bechereau Chateau was built in 1515, typical window design brings the most from late middle ages and beginning of French renaissance period. At that time, the chateau was covering a surface of 900 hectares.

    Should you want to count the number of historical holes located in the colombe tower, let's walk a bit around enjoying footprints of past events!!

    Bechereau chateau was essential in historical Vimory Battle which took place on 26 October 1587 between French King 'Duke de Guise' against heavily armed riding units enrolled by protestants. This battle ended with the victory of the French Royal army under Duke du guise as operation officer.

    Then over time, the chateau was transformed into a mill in 1885, all buildings were entirely scrapped, only the main house and tower were safe. It was then built the two main buildings which form the current Bechereau Farm Equestrian Centre.

    Reshapped in a farm in 1940, the main house is being restored since 2006 in a total spirit of legacy and history commitment.